Maltese Dogs – 12 Captivating Facts That Will Amaze You

The Maltese dogs are the oldest of the toy breeds and one of the first dog breeds to be recognized. These petite, resilient canines have lovable active dispositions that make them great companion dogs if they are properly trained. 

The sweet and friendly personality of the Maltese dogs has always been admired. These energetic little dogs are natural hams that thrive on their owner’s attention. Maltese dogs which are descended from miniature Spaniels and Poodles have a lively active nature and will keep you occupied well into adulthood. 

Maltese Dogs

In this article, you will know about twelve fascinating facts about Maltese dogs. If you like to know more useful tips and guides about your dogs, then visit our website. Because we constantly post useful articles that will help you to be a better pet owner.

Their Name Reflects Their Origin

Maltese dog history

Unlike certain breeds, the Maltese Dogs are said to have originated in Malta. They are descended from a spitz-like dog, that was once common in the area and was employed to hunt rodents.

Some believe that these small dogs have a foothold in Asia, but the evidence is mixed. The Maltese’s history has been difficult to piece together because the name was once used to describe a variety of toy dog breeds and many historical references to Maltese dogs were really descriptions of Pomeranians.

There is one theory that sticks out among the others, though. The earlier breed of Maltese dogs, according to it, had long, silky hair and was in high demand. However, they became extinct over a certain time.

Their White Fur

Maltese have unique White fur

According to history, the Romans are to thank for the immaculate white coat that the breed is known for today. The color white was a holy hue and symbol for the Roman emperors throughout the time of the Roman Empire.

And because they kept these dogs as royal pets, they wanted them to display that purity and divinity via the color of their fur. All we can do is appreciate the Romans for giving us one of the most adorable and attractive dogs on the planet.

They’ve Been Around a While

Maltese are ancient dogs Breed

The Maltese dogs are one of the oldest dog breeds. With a history dating back over 2800 years, these small dogs rested contentedly on the lapse of ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

Greek Maltese pottery

Everyone’s favorite Maltese dogs are one of Europe’s oldest toy breeds. Researchers unearthed Egyptian antiques of Maltese dogs, indicating that the ancient Egyptians previously revered this breed. Their images can also be seen on ancient Greek pottery.

They Are Powerful Jumpers

Maltese are great jumper

The Maltese dogs breed are bold and enjoys exploring and discovering new things. They also have a lot of energy, which combined with their quick bodies, makes them great jumpers in general.

Even though they appear little and dainty when laying on the couch, these dogs will jump and run to reach where they want to go. This can include leaping from one thing to the next, jumping out of higher ledges or other high locations, and leaping out of your reach in the safety of your grasp without warning.

As a precaution, it’s also a good idea to store your prized possessions and priceless keepsakes out of the reach of your furry companion.

Companions to The Royals

Maltese are Royal companions

Many emperors and monarchs have had Maltese dogs as pets for many years. It’s most likely due to their long, silky hair, capacity to restore health, and consistent companionship. The Maltese dogs are thought to frequently assist when there is a health concern, giving them the title of “Comforter”.

The Queen of Scots and the British Queen’s own Maltese dogs. These lap dogs were popular among royalty; queens in particular, adored them and fed them from gold plates.In Egypt and Greece, where owners would build ornate graves for their departed Maltese dogs, the dog’s resemblance has been seen on pottery and other works of art.

Maltese Dogs Almost Disappeared

Maltese almost disappeared

This might be surprising, but the drive to create little dogs is nothing new. There were attempts in the 17th and 18th centuries to turn the Maltese dogs into a “tea-cup” breed.

The Maltese were on the verge of extinction due to a lack of veterinary care, expertise, and experience required to care for such a little dog. The current Maltese is owed to British dog breeders for conserving the breed and developing the lineages that led to it.

Although Maltese dogs are an ancient breed. But they didn’t enter America until the late 19th century.

Maltese Dogs Don’t Shed

Maltese don't shed

Maltese dogs have long, silky coat that makes them look almost decorative. They are one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds that don’t shed. This is due to the fact that the breed lacks an undercoat beneath the long white hairs that cover their whole body, making them less inclined to shed.

Brushing or combing their fur once a week, on the other hand, will assist to maintain their coat’s health.It’s also a good idea to take them to a groomer every now and then to get the hair around their faces trimmed so they can at least see where they’re going. If you don’t want to waste time taking your Maltese to the groomer, you may also clip their hair at home.

They Easily Get Sunburnt

Maltese easily get sunburnt

It may go unnoticed most of the time, but pets may get sunburned during the summer months like humans. This is most noticeable in the Maltese dog breed, which has a light, and pale skin beneath its gleaming white fur coat.

This is also a concern since as previously said, the Maltese lacks an undercoat when they spend a lot of time outside. This makes their coats finer and their skin more apparent to the sun’s rays. If you decide to welcome one of these puppies into your house, make sure to exercise caution when they are outside for long periods of time.

Classification Disagreement

Are Maltese Terrier or Spaniel

There has been significant controversy among dog lovers and other dog enthusiasts all over the world for some years about whether the Maltese dog breed should be categorized as a terrier or a spaniel breed.

Although, no final judgment has been reached. The Maltese dogs share many characteristics with the Spaniels that we see in today’s world. Because no decision has been reached and the dispute is still ongoing, the Maltese is merely classified as a toy breed or toy dog, which is quite an ambiguous classification.

One of The Smallest Dog Breed in The World

Maltese are one of the smallest dog breeds

Because of their small stature, Maltese dogs are popular in households, among dog owners, and among competitors all over the world. When fully grown, the dog breed weighs around seven pounds and becomes one of the best lap dogs.

If you’re into the entire “purse dog” situation, they’re also simple to carry with you, making them a highly flexible toy breed to have in your house and with your family. In either case, their little stature and presence make them fascinating to so many dog lovers all around the world.

Long Lifespan

Maltese have a long lifespan

Unlike some other dog breeds available today, the Maltese dog breed may live for more than a decade if properly cared for. Their usual lifetime is between 12 to 18 years.

This implies that you should take your pets to the vet on a yearly basis to have them checked out, receive any essential vaccinations, and receive any other treatment they may require. It’s necessary to keep an eye on them all time. Leaving them outside unsupervised, given their size and stature, can result in a variety of potentially dangerous circumstances.

Millionaire Maltese Trouble

One Was a Millionaire

Enter take Trouble the $2 million Maltese dog. Leona Helmsley, a real estate developer, died in 2007 and bequeathed $12 million to her dog in her will. The legacy was later reduced to a meager $2 million, but that didn’t stop the dog from living the good life until her death in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Special About Maltese Dogs?

Maltese dogs are very conscious, fearless, and charming dogs. They are lap dogs with high agility and training spirit. They are special for their white furs, royal attitude, low-shedding, long lifespan, friendly behavior, etc.

Is Maltese are Smart Dogs?

Maltese are indeed smart dogs. They’re really playful, active, alert and affectionate dogs with an intention to learn new tricks.

Can Maltese Be Left Alone?

Maltese are active and playful dogs, but very intelligent. They can be left alone in a place for a while, but not for a long period. Because they can be distracted by other things easily.

Do Maltese Bark a Lot?

Maltese dogs have a bad reputation for their over-excessive barking. They bark a lot with or without any reason. It’s no surprise from a toy breed. Barking can be controlled by proper training. During training owners, reaction plays a vital role to stop them from barking.


It should be emphasized that Maltese are high-energy individuals that enjoy playing about. So, keep that in mind if you want to keep them as a pet. Given their caring and kind temperament, Maltese make excellent pets. You may snuggle them when you’re sad or even take them with you while doing chores. Their adorable beauty is the icing on the cake. So do you own a Maltese? What is your little fur ball like? Tell us in the comments.

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