5 Dramatic Dogs Who Go Full Diva for Nail Trims (and 1 Who Loves Them) [Video]


For some dogs, nail trimming time is a dealbreaker. And no matter how careful you are, or how many treats you’ve got, when the clippers come out, the drama begins!

Playing dead, the ultimate strategy

If you’ve got a drama queen at home, these passive resistance techniques might look very familiar! (also, anyone with cats)

And a clever Pom who hides every time he sees the clippers

And if playing dead or hiding doesn’t get them out of a perfect pedi, there’s always yelling!

Beware, the shiba scream!

And this beagle’s baroos

You’ve got to appreciate this clever dad who turned a handbag into a Boston terrier containment device.

And this clever dad over here

And if you’ve got a problem child at home, enjoy this video of a very good boy enjoying his spaw time.

Meanwhile this princling over here…

Looking for hints, tips, and tools to perfect your nail technique? Check out the links below.

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