11 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Large Dogs


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Does your big dog have trouble squeezing into that taco, Ewok, or fairy costume designed for smaller breeds? Wondering what in the world your large breed pup’s going to rock for Halloween this year? Well, we’ve rounded up some great options for large dog Halloween costumes. Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-go getup or a fabulous DIY idea, there’s a costume solution to suit your big pupperino.

If your pet isn’t the costume type, you can always get a cute collar adornment or seasonal bandana to get them in the spooky spirit. They’re easy to put on, comfortable for your dog to wear, and as a bonus, they tend to be inexpensive.

But for dogs who will tolerate wearing clothes, Halloween is a fun opportunity to show them off. These are our picks for some of the most adorable Halloween costumes for large dogs.

Large Dog Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for something quick and simple, nothing beats the old lion’s mane standby. This one-step costume turns your big dog into the king or queen of the jungle. Stretchy elastic secures the mane to their head, and the included tail tuft easily slips on over the end of your dog’s tail. Super-waggers might not be able to keep the tail tuft in place, but the mane is the, er, main attraction.

Features of note:

  • Machine washable on cold cycle
  • Dress up with additional DIY costume elements, or keep it simple with just the wig
  • Fits neck sizes up to 80cm

Buy Now on Amazon for $13.68

To paraphrase Yoda: there is no trying to put a costume on your dog, only doing it with this adorable Jedi cloak. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd., this cloak includes an attached shirt and belt for a fully authentic look. Reviewers say it can run a little small, so size up for extra comfort and mobility when fighting the dark side.

Features of note:

  • Safety-tested for a fun and safe Halloween
  • Hood includes ear holes to hold it in place; may not stay up on all dogs’ ears
  • Be sure to check size chart and watch sizing instruction video before ordering
  • Available in human sizes, too!

Buy Now on Amazon for $16.99

Look, if we’re going to suggest a Jedi costume for dogs, we have to represent the dark side. This doggy Darth Vader costume will have you humming the Imperial March on your All Hallow’s Eve dog walk.

The costume features a step-in dark top with Darth-y details on the front and a soft “helmet” headpiece that attaches with an elastic strap.

  • Step-in style means your dog’s front legs fit into the sleeves; not ideal for dogs who don’t like stuff on their legs
  • Coordinate with your pet in one of Rubie’s officially licensed Star Wars human costumes
  • Reviewers note the style is not great for deep-chested dogs, but does fit big dogs up to 80 pounds

Buy Now on Amazon for $22.05

Does your big dog ever hulk out? Show off their big, green muscles in this officially licensed Marvel Universe costume. It’s available in sizes up to XXXL to fit dogs with chest measurements up to 38″. That’s right, your deep-chested German shepherd, doberman, and other BIG breeds will be able to get their Hulk on this Halloween.

Features of note:

  • Padded for comfort 
  • Headpiece included, but not necessary if your dog would rather not wear it
  • Padded for comfort and “muscle definition”
  • Consult size chart before ordering

Buy Now on Amazon for $24.98

As long as we’re considering superhero costumes for dogs, let’s give the DC Universe a little love! The SuperDog in your life deserves a cape of their own. This costume accommodates even the largest of dogs with a colorful chest piece and Velcro-attached cape. With a costume this cute, why limit it to Halloween? You can turn your canine Clark Kent into a slobbery Superman any time of year.

Features of note:

  • Costume comes with blue shirt with Superman symbol and red cape
  • Officially licensed DC Comics costume is extra-authentic
  • Reviewers say the cape is very large and looks awesome fluttering in the breeze, but you may want to secure it to the shirt with extra Velcro or safety pins to avoid tripping

Buy Now on Amazon for $25.45

If you live somewhere where Halloween can be an extra-chilly night, check out this cozy dino costume for big dogs. The adorable green and yellow fleece will keep your pooch warm while you trick-or-treat. In fact, it’s so cute and functional, many reviewers say they use it as a dog coat all winter long. Why save all this adorableness for Halloween?

Features of note:

  • Machine washable on cold
  • Snaps secure the dinosaur costume in place
  • Reviewers say to measure your dog’s chest before ordering

Buy Now on Amazon for $24.90

True 90’s kids will love this easy Halloween costume for dogs: A cute collar tag that turns your pet into a giant Beanie Baby. It’s available in several sizes to be proportionate to all types of dogs. This clip-on costume is the perfect choice for big dogs who won’t wear clothes.

Features of note:

  • Made from lightweight red felt so your dog will hardly notice it
  • Comes with metal clasp to easily attach to your dog’s collar
  • Pictured tag is size Large, 8″ wide

Buy Now on Amazon for $19.99

Who says princesses have to be dainty? This XXL pink costume will turn your big dog into a beautiful princess, complete with tutu skirt and delicate leg ribbons. The cone hat with lovely gauze attaches with an elastic strap, while the dress stays on with plastic snaps. Be sure to measure your dog and check the size chart before ordering.

Features of note:

  • Includes three separate pieces: dress, hat, and leg ribbons
  • Reviewers note that snaps can be finicky, so you may want to add Velcro or safety pins
  • Ribbons optional for dogs who don’t tolerate anything on their feet/legs

Buy Now on Amazon for $22.46

Every pretty princess dog needs her lustrous blonde curls! This dog wig works as part of a more elaborate costume, but it also stands alone as a funny Halloween look. The stretchy elastic strap means it fits a range of dog heads. Wigs aren’t for every dog, but if yours will wear one, then this is a can’t-miss pick.

Features of note:

  • Includes blonde hair with pink ribbons
  • Available in two sizes
  • Most reviewers say it looks great, but their dog doesn’t *love* wearing it. This may be a short-term gag!

Buy Now on Amazon for $6.88

A doggy t-shirt makes a quick and easy costume, and this SECURITY shirt makes a bold statement. If you have the DIY spirit, dress it up with a pair of sunglasses and a headset to turn your pooch into a doorman (or woman). Or, use it as part of a family group costume. Your dog can be the security guard to the celebrity of your choice!

Features of note:

  • Lightweight and comfortable for most dogs
  • Machine washable (use cold cycle)
  • The shirt is stretchy but check the size chart and consider ordering up

Buy Now on Amazon for $9.99

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh, BAT DOG! Your dog will be ready to fly across the full moon on Halloween night in these beautiful black wings. They’re made from thick felt that holds its structure, and stay on with adjustable Velcro straps around the neck and chest.

Features of note:

  • Lightweight, soft felt is comfy for your dog to wear
  • Hook-and-loop straps are adjustable to fit different sized dogs
  • Reviewers say their dogs were totally comfortable and didn’t mind wearing these wings at all!

Buy Now on Amazon for $12.99

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