The Best 16 Dog Fetch Toys for Hours of Endless Play


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While National Fetch Day comes but once a year (this year, it falls on October 19, 2019), every day is a good day to get out and play fetch with your dog. But what dog fetch toys will bring out the best in your faithful, ball-retrieving companion—and in you, too?

Before you pop open a new canister of tennis balls, consider a more interactive way to play with a new breed of dog toy, from cylindrical flying objects and durable discs (that double as tug-of-war toys) to self-projecting, motorized dog toys. With the right fetch toy, you and your dog can enjoy hours of fun whenever the mood strikes (to bone up on the basics of the game, check out our article, Tighten Up Your Dog’s Fetch Game (or Just Have Fun With It).

We’ll help you find the one that best suits your style and speed, and that of your dog’s, with this roundup of chasing and fetching toys for active dogs.

The 16 Best Dog Fetch Toys

The king of all dog fetch toys, the Classic Chuckit Launcher makes it easy to play fetch all day long. With a flick of your wrist, this ball launcher sends tennis balls flying through the air. Scooping the ball up is also a cinch–no bending over, and no handling dog slobber. Best of all, no matter how long you play, the only one who ends up being exhausted is your dog! Nice!

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This high-flying fetch toy spirals through the air and has a sleek design with plenty of space to store treats inside. Plus, it’s recyclable, dishwasher-safe, and non-toxic. Choose from two sizes and three colors, then get ready to play fetch!

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Activate your dog’s instincts for chasing and catching with this durable rubber disc. It soars easily through the air, giving your dog time to catch up to it, and delivers a dynamic rebound if your dog misses the toss. Made from natural Kong Classic red rubber, this dog fetch toy is soft but durable so you and your dog can enjoy endless hours of play.

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This toy’s unique slingshot action means that it really sails, sending your dog on an exciting journey each time you release it. Easy on the arm and endless fun for your energetic canine, this toy comes with a launcher and two balls so playtime never has to end early.

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Made from lightweight memory foam, this bumper dog toy floats for endless fetching fun at the pool or beach. With high-visibility colors, you’ll never lose track of this toy and the knotted grip makes it easy to direct your throws. Plus, the nylon and rubber exterior resists mess and stains, making it easy to rinse clean of dirt or slobber.

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Wooden sticks can leave splinters and puncture wounds but this stick (made of hardy rubber-like “Zogoflex” material for moderate chewers) is perfectly safe and FDA-compliant (meaning if a chunk breaks off and is accidentally ingested, it’s OK).

It combines unique shapes and textures to entice your dog’s curiosity with an irresistible chew-feel and bouncy action to keep him active for hours. Molded with a hollow center, this fetching stick is lightweight yet durable while still being easy to throw time and again.

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Extra-durable for the strongest of dogs, these dog fetch toys offer the perfect blend of comfort and durability. Orka’s unique materials are tough in performance, but easy on your dog’s mouth, meaning your game of fetch can go on for hours! Hope you’re ready!

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Your dog can’t get enough playtime in the water? These floatable dog fetch toys are shaped like natural stones (in high-visibility colors) that your canine will happily chase each time you send them skipping. They skid effortlessly on the water like real stones, giving your dog endless exercise in the water.

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Classic dog fetch toys are great, but this Chuckit Flying Squirrel adds a whole new dimension to the game of fetch. With its aerodynamic shape and high-visibility colors, this spinning dog toy is ideal for toss and fetch in water or on land. It features a rugged, multi-layer design for maximum durability to withstand hours of throwing and catching. Plus, it glows in the dark for all-day play.

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Go above and beyond the classic tennis ball dog toy with these glowing fetch balls from Chew King. Not only do they fit most ball launchers, but they bounce well and float. Plus, with their glow-bright design, the fun doesn’t have to end just because the sun goes down.

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Sure, sticks are great for tossing and fetching but Chiwava’s Squeaky Standing Stick Animal Toys, made from durable non-toxic latex rubber, are more interactive—they bounce and squeak! Choose from a chicken, pig, or frog shape and enjoy an exciting game of fetch (and try not to hum “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” while playing).

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A modern take on the classic tennis ball dog toy, this fetching ball is made from thermoplastic rubber which gives it an erratic bouncing action and a loud squeak your dog will go wild for. Toss it, squeeze it, or bounce it to keep your dog active and engaged for hours on end. It comes in two sizes for smaller and larger dogs.

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Give your arm a break with this motorized dog toy that takes the work out of an endless game of fetch. This iFetch dog toy is designed specifically for small to medium dogs and launches the ball automatically to a distance of 10, 20, or 30 feet. Send your dog running time and again, wearing him out without wearing you down!

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When you can’t make it outside, this Chuckit Indoor Ball Dog Toy makes it possible to still play all day. Featuring a lightweight design that protects indoor surfaces, this toy still features the characteristic bounce that drives dogs wild. Plus, it fits in the Chuckit Indoor Launcher to take your fetch game to an entirely new level (and perhaps quite literally have him bouncing off the walls).

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If you’re looking for the perfect toy to make your day at the beach even better, try this Ruff Dawg Flying Fish Toy. Made from solid premium rubber, this toy is gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums but durable enough to withstand a full day of play. It floats on water and comes with a rope for tugging and distance throwing.

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Enjoy a high-flying game of fetch with your dog in all types of weather with this durable floppy disc toy. It comes in a variety of bright colors for easy visibility and is made from lightweight material that flies through the air and floats on water. Plus, the multi-layer nylon construction is safe on your dog’s teeth but durable for long-lasting days of play.

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Who knew there was so much more to the game of fetch than tennis balls and sticks? These innovative dog fetch toys will revolutionize your afternoon play sessions and keep your dog active and engaged for hours on end. Try one today to see just what you and your dog have been missing!

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