Edgy Marketing Campaign Helps Shelter Increase Senior and Adult Adoptions by Incredible Margin


Everyone adores a puppy. But when it’s time to bring home a new furry family member, it’s easy to forget that the little fuzzballs don’t exactly come pre-programmed to fit into our fast-paced lives.

Adult and senior dogs, however, already have all the basics down and then some, making them faster to transition into a new life in your home, with fewer accidents.

Despite their experience and convenience, older dogs spend the longest time waiting for new homes in shelters across the nation. And the APA decided that’s just not fair. And a hilarious ad campaign was born.

The folks at Missouri’s Animal Protection Association teamed with Darling Makery to create the hilarious “Grown-ass Adult” campaign to celebrate the advantages of adopting senior dogs.

The irreverent poster campaign took the world (and social media) by storm with powerful, real-world statements like “I won’t make you step in puddles inside your own home” and “I like to sleep through the night. I’ll bet you do, too.”

The award-winning ad campaign reduced the average length of stays for adult dogs at the APA by three days, bringing the average stay to just 5.5 days.

You can see all of the posters from the campaign on the APA Facebook page.

Another great feature at the APA? You can see which pets have been at the shelter the longest on their Lonelyhearts page.

We love you, APA! You’re doing amazing work for dogs and cats.

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