15 Cute Dog Collars for Every Kind of Dog


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Every morning when I take my beagle Marzipan out for her walk, she heads straight to the bus stop to meet her public. Her captive audience of commuters swoons over her cuteness and she laps it up like ice cream. Do they notice when she has a cute new collar? Yes, they do. And does she feel even snazzier when she’s sporting a new fashion accessory? You betcha.

So, go ahead, delight your dog’s neighborhood friends with a super cute collar for his morning walk. Play up your dog’s natural cuteness and charm. These cute collars, from florals to bling to classic leather looks, will turn your pup’s style up a notch.

This adorable bow tie is removable for washing, and the variety of patterns gives you seasonal options for every time of the year.

Fits neck sizes 7-26 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $12.99-18.99

This custom handmade collar can be built to fit nearly any size dog and comes in a dazzling rainbow of colors.

Fits neck sizes 10-26 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $39.99-45.99

A clean-cut look with your dog’s name and contact information, this colorful collar will look sharp on any pup.

Fits neck sizes 8-22 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $14.89

If you love to have the best and most beautiful accessories for your best friend, this handmade, bejeweled collar is an amazing statement piece.

Fits neck sizes 14-27 inches

Buy Now on Etsy for $125-155

A clean and understated look, this collar comes in just the right color. For my beagle girl, who loves to feel the CRUNCH of a plastic clasp between her teeth, this is the perfect collar.

Fits neck sizes 9-26 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $12.95

In a variety of tinsel, lace, and glitter colors, this cute collar has a touch of glam. Your pup will certainly turn some heads with this statement piece.

Fits neck sizes 7-20 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $17.99

Water-resistant and washable, this collar is perfect for summertime swimming and rolling in the grass. Dozens of patterns available.

Buy Now on Amazon for $18-28

Cute and fierce, every dog with an attitude deserves a collar that shows her true spirit.

For neck sizes 6-22 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $7.99-16.99

Almost as frilly as an Easter bonnet, this decorative collar will have your pup sitting pretty.

Fits neck sizes 7-26 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $18.99

This wide collar has a bold look and a whole lot of character. Buckle Down makes collars in dozens of patterns, all with their signature seat belt buckle closure.

Fits neck sizes 9-32 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $21.93-27.50

This good looking LED light-up collar is water-resistant and rugged. The LED lights have three light settings (on, flash, strobe). Perfect for those late-night dog park outings.

Fits neck sizes 8-27 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $19.99-22.99

A fetching classic look, this padded leather collar will be as comfortable as it is practical.

Fits neck sizes 12-22 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $18.99-22.99

A preppy-stripe waterproof collar is a perfect look for summer, and it includes a bottle opener on the leash ring. Talk about multi-functional! This model comes in many eye-catching patterns.

Fits neck sizes 10-25 inches

Buy Now on Amazon for $14.39-15.00

Want to turn heads at the dog park? Look no further than this glimmering rhinestone collar!

Fits neck sizes 8-18 inches.

Buy Now on Amazon for $8.99-11.99

This colorful collar can be customized to your dog’s personal style! Reviewers love this collar for its hand-made durability and unique geometric design.

Buy Now on Etsy for $16-29

Collars absolutely serve a function, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable as well! Enjoy the cuteness of your dog’s new accessory.

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