18 Best Leather Dog Collars for Every Style and Size of Dog


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My Chihuahua/terrier mix is one stylish little guy. He has tons of shirts, ties—you name it—but no single item is more crucial to his wardrobe than his leather dog collar. He wears it every day, so it was important to find one that fit comfortably in addition to looking great. (What can I say? He’s a little vain. It works for him.)

Leather collars are the epitome of class and style. There are tons of options out there, with choices to suit every single unique pet. That said, the options can be overwhelming. Using your dog’s specific needs as a guide can help you narrow down the many choices. Padding and rolled edges can help minimize chafing for dogs with thinner fur, for example, while a martingale style is best for greyhounds and other sight hounds, and thicker collars will stand out more on larger dogs.


We’ve rounded up a wide range of the best leather dog collars around to help you pick the right one for your pup.

This collar is an obvious choice for working dogs, but its center ring also makes it an excellent choice for mischievous mutts. It’s designed to be less likely to get stuck on whatever they’re meddling in, and if it does get stuck, they have some flexibility.

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If your dog’s skin is easily irritated, the customizable layer of soft padding can help keep them comfortable. And who doesn’t love a pop of color?

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If you have a medium or large dog and need some extra control, look no further! This collar is both sturdy and chic.

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If you have an excitable pet, this collar has a quick-release buckle so you put it on and take it off with ease.

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If you’re pining for a leather collar, but your pup can’t get enough of the pool, pond, or beach, this waterproof vegan “leather” collar has you covered!

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This simple collar comes in width options up to 2″ to suit even the stockiest of pitbulls.

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Back off, bullies! If your small dog is getting picked on, this spiked collar will send a strong message to the aggressor and help keep your sweet, innocent pup’s neck safe and sound.

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With long hair breeds, it’s especially important to get a collar that won’t get tangled in or damage their coat. This sleek, high-quality rolled collar is designed to let long hair do its thing.

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With the smallest size coming in at a teeny 6″, this collar is a great choice for puppies and small dogs.

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This martingale-style collar is well-suited for greyhounds, whippets, and other sight hounds. For more on the martingale style, check out this guide.

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This simple, sturdy, streamlined collar is an excellent choice for large dogs with short hair, such as labradors and dobermans.

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For dogs with Westminster aspirations, this elegant rolled slip collar comes in a variety of widths and lengths. It has minimal impact on coats to help keep them show-ready.

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This collar has a plush sheepskin lining to help prevent chafing. It’s a great option for mid-size dogs with thin coats such as sighthounds and salukis. It goes on over the head, so it’s not a good choice for large-headed breeds, as it may not fit.

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Big dog owners rejoice! This collar is designed just for extra large dogs with 26″+ necks.

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This statement piece is the perfect match for strong large dogs like German shepherds and Rottweilers. It’s a whopping 2.75″ wide, so this one is best left to the big guys.

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These collars are poodle perfection! They’re made with rolled leather to minimize the risk of hair catching or getting matted, and they come in 5 different poodle-specific sizes from toy to large.

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This collar has polished edges to comfortably fit bulldogs’ necks and it won’t chafe or irritate their adorable rolls.

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A rolled leather collar may do just the trick if you find your dog’s brittle hair is breaking with a flat collar. This simple rolled collar comes in a variety of hip, modern colors.

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