15 Dads Who Said They Didn’t Want a Dog But Then Immediately Fell in Love


Dads, you’re the best. We know that inside that fierce outer, “No dogs allowed!” facade beats the heart of a dog lover — you big softies. We love you for it, and our dogs do too. Because the best thing about a dog dad is admitting, they were wrong about the dog. Happy Father’s Day!

My dad makes a big deal about how much he hates dogs…but I always seem to catch him being adorable with his grandpups


“A dog will never be allowed in my car or on my bed.” – my dad from r/aww

This video of my dad and Leo sewing his favorite toy back together has to be the purest thing I have ever seen from r/dadswithpets

And my Dad said he didn’t want a dog…

Never had allowed dogs growing up. But here’s my dad babysitting his granddogter. from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

My dad didn’t even want the “damn dog”.

“I have no interest in pets” …two years later 💕 from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

His friend told me he was in the pub last night showing people pictures of his “granddogter” from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

My dad and my dog they have done this every night since we have gotten her when she was 10 weeks old. from r/aww

“Fine, get a dog if you want. Just don’t expect me to let it come to my house.” from r/dadswhodidnotwantpets

My dad would never admit how much he loves our old dog. But after finding this picture on his phone, he doesn’t have to.

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