The 10 Best Cat Backpacks for Traveling Kitties


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We know how much you love your cat buddy, which is why we fully support any effort to spend more time with them by taking them out and about with you. So long as you find a safe, comfortable way to transport them, of course.

Enter the wonderful world of cat backpacks.


Want to take your cat on a hike? Need to take them for a visit to the vet/cat-watcher/therapist? You’re in luck since these specially-made backpacks are perfect for toting around your furry friend—and they’re stylish as well.

Choosing a Cat Backpack

When it comes to a cat backpack, not just any bag will do—you’re going to need to make sure it has all of the features that truly make it a perfect fit.

  • Durability: Make sure there’s a frame that can support your kitty—and look out for specific weight maximums for every bag. You’ll also want to ensure that the fabric is thick enough to hold up against cat claws.
  • Convenience: The backpack should be easy to use, meaning that it’s not impossible to get your cat in or out of the bag. Pockets are great for storing treats and other necessities, and some even come with a special collapsible water dish.
  • Comfort: Make sure the bag is actually comfortable for you to wear. Wide shoulder straps and even chest straps can help distribute the weight. The backpack should also be comfy for your cat, meaning it should be fairly roomy, and even have a pad for extra comfort.
  • Ventilation: Since kitties can get seriously overheated in a confined space, it’s essential that the bag has plenty of opportunity for air flow. Mesh windows are helpful for keeping cats cool and they also let them enjoy the view outside. Make sure all fabrics are breathable and flexible.
  • Security: Make sure your cat stays inside! Zippers should lock, seams should be reinforced and secure, and some bags even have an internal leash that they can be clipped to for extra security (which of course is long enough so they can move, lie down, etc.).

The Best Backpacks for Cats

And now, without further ado, here’s a list of some top-notch cat backpacks that have wonderful reviews and are helping ensure that kitties are sitting pretty (and safely) as they continue to explore the wide, wide world.

Got yourself a cat that’s a little on the husky side? This backpack just might be the pick for you, since it’s one of the only packs that can hold a cat up to 19.8 pounds. This bag also includes a clip inside to attach a leash, side pockets, plus a comfy mat that’s attached to the pack with Velcro. There’s an opening in the top so that your cat can hang their head out, and there’s also a bubble to give them a sweet view of the world.

Helpful review: “I am so happy with this product and so is my kitty. Beyond allowing us to bring her along on family walks safely and confidently, it has given me a sense of comfort that I never anticipated.”

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This backpack is best for smaller kitties (up to seven pounds) and is made from strong nylon that can stand up to super-sharp claws. Mesh on the top and the front allows for ventilation as well as a nice view for the kitty. Adjustable padded straps have been added to make this pack a little more comfortable to carry around. 

Helpful review: “I bought the small sized one and used it take my cat on a plane trip. It fit the dimensions for the airline i took and it felt nice to carry my half-terrified cat on my back instead of struggling to carry him side ways.”

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There’s plenty of room in this carrier for a good-size cat. There’s also plenty of ventilation thanks to the mesh windows and soft, comfy bedding for your pet. Waist and chest buckles are included to make carrying more convenient, and zipper buckles ensure that your cat will stay put.

Helpful review: “The carrier was bigger than expected which was nice for my large cat. I was a little afraid the size wouldn’t fit under the airline seat, but it was collapsible enough the fit nicely under American airlines seats. Being able to carry my cat on my back made traveling a breeze.”

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Oxford cloth makes this bag breathable and comfortable for pets and the pocket on the outside adds a little convenience for humans. Perfect for cats under pounds, this backpack has a bubble window for your cat’s viewing pleasure—so take them along!

Helpful review: “To my utter surprise and amusement, Cleo loved it. I think it reminds her of her favorite activity, looking out the window. She especially enjoys putting her little nose to the vent to experience all the scents of the world.”

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Whether using this bag as a backpack, front pack, shoulder bag, handbag, or even a car seat create, this is a convenient cat carrier to have. That’s especially true when traveling on planes since it’s airline approved. With walk-through doors, zipper security locks, a washable fleece bed, and plenty of ventilation, this bag has endless amenities to make your cat’s ride comfortable.

Helpful review: “This carrier is supplied with straps for nearly any carrying scenario you can imagine. This is a well-made and thoughtful product. Our cat loves it so far! It’s important to follow the training instructions for getting your pet, especially a cat, acclimated to the thing. I would recommend at least a month or so before taking your cat ‘on the road.’”

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Comfortable (and pretty good-looking), this carrier features mesh sides for extra ventilation and for your cat’s entertainment. Able to carry cats up to 15 pounds, this bag has straps at the chest and waist to ensure security and comfort while you’re carrying them around.

Helpful review: “Super happy with all the features, zippers, pocket, quality, comfort, and strong mesh. My cat has a hard time adjusting at first as I walk since cats are sensitive about balance but he does great!”

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This bag comes with all the bells and whistles—zip up mesh windows, cozy sherpa-lined bedding, safety strap and buckle, plus extra padded straps, side pouches, and a collapsible pet bowl. Now you just need the cute kitty to go inside!

Helpful review: “My cat had plenty of room to sit while the bag was upright and ample room to layout when the bag was on its side. This bag worked really well on the plane as well.”

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Wear this backpack on the front or the back to give your cat different scenery options. This bag is made from breathable fabric and even has large ventilation holes on the sides for air circulation. This roomy capsule can fit cats up to 14 pounds, but is also lightweight and won’t weigh you down.

Helpful review: “Our Bengal LOVES it. She enjoys seeing the scenery through the bubble window and people love seeing her in it.”

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Want the option of rolling your pet around? This carrier is the one for you since it features wheels and a telescoping handle. The bag can also expand for additional room and has pockets for extra items and a tether inside to prevent your cat’s great escape. 

Helpful review: “2 large cats can fit in the carrier at one time. In the photo, the cat on the left is 20 lbs, the other cat is 14 lbs. The carrier also works as a shopping cart. You can fit 6 cases of 12-pack soda in the carrier! It’s ingenious. And pretty.”

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The best part of this bag is the peephole, complete with a drawstring opening that allows your kitty to enjoy some fresh air while also keeping them secure (plus an interior leash and clip to help with this). Padded back and sides help keep the bag comfy to carry while an extra waist strap helps distribute weight.

Helpful review: “My 14 pound cat just barely fits in here, but he seems to actually like it! It comes with a stiff panel for the bottom of the inside for your pet to stand on so they feel secure and the head hole is the right size for his fluffy head.”

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Happy exploring!

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