Hyperrealistic Masks Let You Look Exactly Like Your Pet


Is it weird? Is it wonderful? You be the judge! For just $2,700, a Japanese design company will custom sculpt a replica of your pet’s beautiful face for you to wear as a mask.

Hyperrealistic poodle mask


Using photos taken from every angle, a sculptor crafts a highly detailed copy of your pet’s head, then applies faux fur and paint to complete the illusion.

Also available in cat

The project, called My Family, is here for all you cat lovers too! Below you can see some of the steps the sculptor takes to create the intense realism.

PR Times Japan

And if you’d rather be an ape, check out the sister project, It’s Me, a chance to wear the highly detailed face of an orangutan for just 60,000¥ — less than $600 US dollars.

Ape an Orang

My Family is willing and able to recreate any animal or pet in your life, whether it’s a lizard, rhinoceros, or unicorn. Simply use the inquiry form on their website to submit your commission.

The whole zoo

PR Times Japan

Hat tip: Geekologie

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