25 Best Dog Hiking Backpacks for 2019

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Hiking with your dog has tons of benefits for you both: it’s great exercise, gives you quality time to bond, and exposes you to beauty and serenity of nature. Giving your dog his own hiking backpack to wear can add a layer of benefit for your pup because it gives him a task to focus on and makes him feel useful.

Some pet owners report that their dogs are better behaved when wearing a backpack. Packs also help make hikes more challenging, allowing dogs to burn more energy in the same amount of time. (Not to mention that when your dog carries his own water bottle or waste bags, it helps cut down on the weight of your own pack.)


According to experts, a dog should only be expected to carry about 10 to 12 percent of his body weight, but you’ll want to consider your pet’s individual health and energy needs. If your dog has never worn a backpack before, you may want to start with an empty pack to help acclimate him to the experience. It’s also a good idea to evenly distribute the weight on both sides of the backpack to make carrying it as comfortable as possible.

With that said, take a look below at the 25 best dog hiking backpacks you can buy.

Designed for medium and large dogs, this One Tigris dog backpack is an Amazon bestseller, thanks to its durable water-resistant construction and padded underside.

What we like about it:

  • Built-in waste bag holder
  • Sturdy metal leash attachment point on back
  • Available in several neutral colors

Helpful Review: “This backpack is a lifesaver if you take your dog hiking/camping. When I take my dog hiking, more often than not I’m carrying my food, his food, my water, his water, bowl, lash, poop bags, and toys. He often looks down on me because I’m hiking up the hills too slow. Since getting this backpack, he gets tired when I get tired because I am making him carry his own things.”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $35.98

You’ll love the stylish gray and pink look of this Doggles dog backpack, and it has plenty of practical features to go along with good looks. Plus, with 2X-small sizing, even tiny dogs can comfortably wear this pack.

What we like about it:

  • Durable construction with waterproof material and tough stitching
  • Top handle for better control of your dog
  • Designed to sit higher up on your pet’s shoulders, so it won’t impede movement

Helpful Review: “I needed something a bit sturdier with a handle for my 5-pound Chi for when we go out hiking. This fits her perfectly. I did have to take the straps almost all the way in to get it snug so she didn’t slip out when I picked her up. The construction is really nice and sturdy and the handle is big enough for a few fingers. Can hold her poop bags, her tiny kong ball, and a few treats but that’s about it. Don’t really want to weigh her down too much though so I never expected her to carry much of anything. Looks adorable.”

Available sizes: XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $28.59 — $52.79

This 2Pet dog backpack has been given a thumbs-up from owners of Great Danes, Bullmastiffs, and other large breeds, making it our pick for extra-large dogs.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to put on with an adjustable one-click harness
  • Spacious detachable saddle bags
  • Available in cheerful pink or blue colors

Helpful Review: “I love this backpack! It fits our 133-pound Bullmastiff perfectly! It is well made and extremely easy to put on the dog. With a Bullmastiff, it’s kinda like saddling a pony, so having it be easy to put on him, is a real plus. I really, really love it.”

Available sizes: Medium and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $23.65 — $29.95

This rugged dog backpack from Aexya is extremely durable and practical with four layered storage pockets to keep your dog’s items organized and accessible.

What we like about it:

  • Khaki-colored mesh material keeps your dog cool and comfortable
  • D-ring leash attachments
  • Expandable pockets for maximum storage space

Helpful Review: “I wanted to find a backpack for my dog to wear on walks to help tire him out. Most of the ones I saw were brightly colored, but I was looking for a more rugged, classic look. This backpack fit the bill and was a fair price. I thought I’d have to ease my dog into wearing it, but he took to it immediately. After an initial adjustment, it fits great and I haven’t had to readjust it. I haven’t had any problems with it slipping around while he walks. I usually fill it with whatever supplies we might need during our walk (food, water, waste bags) and then add a frozen water bottle for extra weight and cooling. It’s holding up great after a few trips!”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $24.95

For the price, you likely won’t find a better quality dog backpack than this one. It’s lightweight but padded and boasts large pockets and a handle.

What we like about it:

  • Made of cooling, lightweight mesh material
  • Bags can be easily removed with quick-release buckles
  • Yellow reflective trim for safety

Helpful Review: “My doggo absolutely LOVES her backpack! High quality, easy to put on your pup and it really makes her happy to carry her own toys and water bottle around. Highly recommend.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $12.77

This Kurgo dog backpack is lightweight but still provides more than enough room to store the essentials.

What we like about it:

  • Blue, red, or black/orange color options
  • Leash attachment point in the rear
  • Reflective stripes for added visibility

Helpful Review: “I have owned this item for well over a year, probably going on two years now, and it’s excellent and of very high quality. I am an avid hiker and love taking my dog (GSP mix) on the trails with me. She loves to wear her pack and gets super excited at the sight of it. It holds a few small items but is not large enough for a 17-ounce water bottle, so I had to get a soft side water bottle to put in it. She also carries a foldable bowl, a tennis ball and 100 doggie bags and there’s a little room left, so it does hold a fair amount of items. We have given this item A LOT of use, and it has held up very well, no holes, tears or really any evident wear.”

Available sizes: Baxter (30 to 85 pounds) and Big Baxter (50 to 110 pounds)

Buy Now on Amazon for $47.69
Buy Now on Chewy for $47.69

This KONG treat dog pack is a snap to put on and adjusts for a perfect fit.

What we like about it:

  • Large side pocket has a built-in key holder
  • Stylish blue color with reflective silver trim
  • Interior straps to keep your water bottle in place

Helpful Review: “This backpack is awesome! Purchased to give my 75-pound American Bulldog a ‘job’ and he was immediately better behaved on our walks. I ordered the L/XL due to his big chest and large head but had to adjust the straps all the way to their smallest. I probably could have gotten away with a smaller size. The pack is easy to fit and adjust, the bags are roomier than I expected, and seems pretty durable. I’ve only been putting small ankle weights on each side but I’m looking forward to upping the weight as my dog gets more used to carrying it.”

Available sizes: Medium and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $41.42 — $42.95

This Ruffwear hiking pack is well-worth the investment: It boasts lightweight material in an ultra-visible orange color with large pockets and comfortable padding.

What we like about it:

  • Nonslip straps ensure the pack stays in place
  • Padded handle allows you to help navigate your dog
  • Use the V-ring at the top to attach to a leash

Helpful Review: “Awesome doggie backpack! I researched for months before finally purchasing this one because the price was a lot to justify for me. I am glad I bought this pack. We tried on cheaper versions at the local pet stores but they moved around too much and did not fit well. The bags fit A LOT of stuff in them! There is almost too much room but if you’re hiking or taking day trips this is a good problem. Overall I would definitely recommend taking the plunge and buying this dog backpack.”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $79.95

Designed for multi-day hiking adventures, this Ruffwear backcountry pack is spacious but has a load stability system to keep weight distributed evenly.

What we like about it:

  • Includes two collapsible BPA-free water bottles
  • Removable saddlebags allow you to change or lighten the dog’s load at will
  • Four attachment points for a sturdy, strong fit

Helpful Review: “Everyone sees my dog with this pack on and loves it. This pack is of the best quality. I’d say we have upwards to 200 miles of hiking on this pack and it’s held up perfectly. Typically we will put his sleeping bag, 2 liters of water (love the fact it comes with the flexible water bags) and depending on how long we’re hiking anywhere between 2 to 10 cups of dog food.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large/Extra-Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $149.95

Designed for day trips, this Outward Hound dog backpack’s bright coloring makes your dog stand out easily while on a hike.

What we like about it:

  • Lightweight breathable mesh material
  • Adjustable straps that don’t impede your dog’s movement
  • Four expandable pockets to store gear

Helpful Review: “We have used his backpack for about a 2-hour trail walk. It’s been great so far! He feels important and the fit is great. It doesn’t restrict his movement a bit! He ran, jumped, walked, and swam with it! He carried my keys, phone, an apple, a water bottle, and treats in his two pockets and did great. The adjustable straps made it easy to fit him.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $14.29 — $16.29

Unlike other backpacks, this lightweight Outward Hound Denver pack doesn’t take up too much space and sits up higher on a dog’s shoulders, freeing his lower body to move unhindered.

What we like about it:

  • Expandable pockets that are ideal for storing up to a day’s worth of gear
  • Adjustable belly straps
  • Convenient top handle and D-ring leash attachment

Helpful Review: “I love this! Super well fitting and doesn’t move around like other harnesses and backpacks we’ve tried. Very secure and lightweight with more space to put things than I expected! I was happy to find that the flaps lift up and have an extra zipper pocket underneath. I have a 30-pound Cocker Spaniel and the s/m fits great. Would have been too big if he was a little smaller.”

Available sizes: Small/Medium and Large/Extra-Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $23.95 — $28.65
Buy Now on Chewy for $23.95 — $28.65

This Outward Hound dog backpack has compression webbing to help balance the weight of the bag evenly, making this backpack extra-comfortable for hiking.

What we like about it:

  • The bright green color makes dogs more visible
  • Double D-rings for leash attachment, including one on the chest
  • Large pockets for storage

Helpful Review: “I wish I had picked this backpack out sooner! It’s perfect for a day adventure or backpacking! I love camping and this will be the perfect bag to carry my dog’s sleeping pouch, epi-pen, kibble, and dishes. My dog is barrel-chested so it’s usually hard to find stuff to fit him in his weight, but this was perfect. The ends of the straps have a nice Velcro design so it stows slack with out needing to trim the ends. And finally, the other cool feature is that there are leash clips to use this as a harness. That’s great for training purposes and for safety on hikes.”

Available sizes: Small/Medium and Large/Extra-Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $22.78 — $37.48

For an extra-durable hiking backpack, look no further than this EzyDog Summit one. It’s made of strong ripstop material with rustproof D-rings and reflective trim for added visibility.

What we like about it:

  • An additional girth strap helps to further stabilize the bag during descents
  • Padded handle on top for controlling your dog
  • Both front and rear leash attachment points

Helpful Review: “This pack is well made, has lots of areas to adjust and is better than I expected. The zippers are great and there are three on each bag for easy access and convenience. Love the handle on top and the leash holder. They thought of everything. It’s nice looking and ergonomic. I didn’t want something too big and bulky and this fits the bill.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $51.30 — $76.50

This medium-sized dog backpack from Jouerpet is spacious, lightweight, and padded, making it a good deal for the price.

What we like about it:

  • Chest and back straps are adjustable
  • Interior pockets have netting to keep items in place
  • A top handle allows you to take control of your dog

Helpful Review: “I really like this pack. The pockets are huge and can hold a lot. The pack stays in place once adjusted and doesn’t fall to one side. I’ve used about 10 times so far and no chafing on the dog. Really impressed for this price.”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $15.95

A bright neon color and four wide reflective strips make this Lifeunion dog backpack highly visible in low-light conditions.

What we like about it:

  • A collapsible water bowl is included
  • Adjustable chest and back straps
  • Made of padded and lightweight polyester fabric

Helpful Review: “The small fits my 35-p Lab Whippet mix perfectly. Love that there are so many adjustment points. Good quality material. The bags are a little smaller than I thought but I actually really like that they’re higher up.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $20.95 — $28.95

This Expawlorer dog backpack is extra-secure with velcro and buckles to keep it in place.

What we like about it:

  • Lightweight and soft polyester fabric
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Saddlebags are easy to detach

Helpful Review: “This harness is great! It fits my dog beautifully, and I love the handle to hold him as he is a giant that pulls you everywhere. It has two great little pouches that easily come off but also connect and stay on which is awesome. And it’s so easy to put on.”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $21.99

Ample padding and Oxford material make this Petsfit dog backpack a great choice for hiking. Note: According to reviews, this backpack runs large.

What we like about it:

  • Each pocket can fit a full-size water bottle
  • Top handle for re-directing or controlling your dog
  • Metal zippers and D-ring

Helpful Review: “Just got a medium today and put it on my 75-pounds Labrador/German Shep Mix. He usually fits a Large/XL. Medium fits great with so much room to spare on the straps. The straps have elastic bands so you don’t have to cut them! Pockets are large enough to hold 3 water bottles on each side. Elastic interior pockets can hold my iPhone 7+ with room! Loving it so far!”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $18.99

The veterinarian-approved design of this Mountainsmith dog pack ensures that it’s as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, which is especially important for long hikes.

What we like about it:

  • Adjustable straps, including a 4-point chest strap
  • Tapered torso strap and a padded sternum strap for maximum comfort
  • Handle at the top and reflective trim throughout the harness

Helpful Review: “This is a great pack. We recently took our dog on a 27 mile, 4 day, 3 night trail hike and this pack worked great! It didn’t rub sore spots on her because the latches have padding to keep them from rubbing her. It stayed put when we remembered to secure the latches. She carried her food, her leash, and her ball. She weighs about 55 pounds and we ordered a medium for her. The size guide was a big help in determining which size to order. I highly recommend this pack.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $61.98 — $69.95

You can’t go wrong with this reasonably priced and lightweight dog backpack from Wellver.

What we like about it:

  • Two zippered side pockets that are easy to access
  • Lightweight mesh material that’s soft and washable
  • Top handle and D-ring leash attachment help keep you in control as you hike with your pet

Helpful Review: “I love this little bag. It’s perfect for my dog. It holds all her stuff for day or weekend trips and she loves carrying it. She is extremely excitable and I thought with three straps I was going to have issues convincing her to get into it. It’s actually extremely simple to put on and the three straps are great for distributing the weight so she doesn’t have issues with it rubbing or pulling her down. The mesh keeps her ventilated and cool.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $16.99

This Bark Brite dog backpack also doubles as a life jacket, making it perfect for dogs who love to jump in lakes and rivers while out hiking.

What we like about it:

  • Made of quick-drying, water-resistant material
  • Saddle bags float, giving your dog more buoyancy in the water
  • Comes with an additional clear ziplock to further protect items from water damage

Helpful Review: “I have a 115-pound German Shepherd and it fit him perfectly. Needless to say, he loves it and I love that he can do his part carrying some of the water on our hikes with the side bags. This lifejacket/backpack combo is awesome and the straps are adjustable but I would say it’s for larger dogs.”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $36.99

With its striking red and black colors, this OSPet dog backpack is both stylish and functional. Plus, it’s made of tough nylon material.

What we like about it:

  • Lightweight padding protects the dog without weighing him down
  • Spacious saddle bags expand to accommodate more items
  • Adjustable straps to create an ideal fit

Helpful Review: “After searching through multiple dog backpacks, I’m glad I decided on this one! I bought this for my Great Dane and also fits my 10-month old Saint Bernard, and it adjusts to fit both of them perfectly! Both pockets are very spacious and can hold a lot, and the material seems very easy to clean and maintain. Excited to use this backpack for my dogs this summer when we go on hikes and adventures so the dogs can carry their own water, toys and tennis balls and I can enjoy the hike more with less things to carry!”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $25

This Pawaboo dog backpack has a lot going for it: adjustable straps, breathable fabric, and expandable pockets are just a few of its many features.

What we like about it:

  • 5 attachment points to better distribute weight evenly
  • Made of high-quality Oxford cloth
  • Adjustable straps, including around the neck, for a perfect fit

Helpful Review: “We looked at higher priced packs and decided for the ‘once a year’ backpacking trip with our dog, to just get a cheaper pack. I can’t imagine a higher priced pack being any better than this one! It was easy to use, fit our dog well, she was comfortable right away with it on and it seems to be made very well. We have only used it once, but it was for a four-day backpack trip through rugged terrain and it held up perfectly. Very pleased and definitely recommend!”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $23.95

For hard-to-fit large breeds, this Smartelf dog backpack is fully adjustable. All three of its straps can be customized for a perfect fit.

What we like about it:

  • Made of durable Oxford mesh material
  • Removable packs that allow the pack to transform into a harness
  • Rubber handle on back for steering or redirecting your dog in another direction

Helpful Review: “We have really enjoyed this pack for our dog Molly and she loves it too. We put her water, bowl, and doggy treats in it. We also have put a bear bell on it for our hikes through Alaska. She now knows when the pack comes out and the bell rings its time for a hike. It fits well and the price is great. Just a little advice make sure the weight is evenly distributed or it will ride uneven on your dog.”

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Buy Now on Amazon for $25.99

This comfortable GrayCell dog backpack has padding throughout its design, including the chest area, to ensure no irritation or chafing of your dog’s skin occurs while you hike.

What we like about it:

  • Made of water-resistant Oxford material
  • Includes a collapsible water bowl
  • Available in green or orange color options

Helpful Review: “We used this to give my guy purpose on walks as he gets excited and will sometimes pull. He is weight challenged so we were skeptical on size we went for the Large and the fit is perfect. We put a water bottle on each side. It was like walking an entirely different dog. He stayed at my side and my pace. We normally run but I tore my ACL so we are at a much slower pace and he slowed to that pace. Love this backpack!”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $30.99

This Pettom dog backpack is lightweight and waterproof with a capacity that’s ideal for overnight trips.

What we like about it:

  • Durable scratch-resistant polyester material on the outside with a soft, interior mesh lining
  • Removable bag transforms the pack into a harness
  • Handle on the back allows you to grab or lift your dog if needed

Helpful Review: “Best pack out there. Two zippered pockets each side, actually waterproof. My dog lays in every body of water possible. The dual straps for the belly keep it from sagging and jiggling. Most packs you have to distribute weight super careful and they still fall to one side. This one stays where it should through uphill, running, and shenanigans. Love the pack separates from the harness completely too.”

One size only

Buy Now on Amazon for $64.69

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