7 More Awesome Cat Trees for 2019

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Having a cat tree is great. Shopping for one? Less than great. All you want is a place for your cat to perch (other than on top of your head), but with so many reviews to comb through it can be exhausting trying to pick the right one.

Most cat experts will tell you a cat tower is an absolute necessity, including Mikel Delgado, cat behavior consultant and postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis. “Cats like to have choices,” she says. “Provide them with a sanctuary space where they can go when they need to feel safe.” AKA, a cat tower.


We’ve already rounded up some of the best cat towers of 2019. There isn’t really much of a distinction between cat towers and cat trees — to-may-toh, to-mah-toh —so what this really means you’ve now got another list of cat accessories in case the last batch didn’t scratch the itch.

When it comes to cat trees, taller is always better. If you have space, this 62-inch cat tree is made of durable compressed wood and wrapped in faux fur. So it’s strong, comfortable and built to last.  Multiple sisal-wrapped scratching posts and a variety of perches will keep your cat coming back to play day after day.

My family’s youngest cat, Oliver, has used this cat tree for years. He loves running up it, ferociously clawing the scratching posts and taking long naps at the very top. While the tree does wobble a bit when he jumps, it has never fallen and continues to withstand Oliver’s hearty 14-pound frame.

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This mid-sized modern wooden cat tree is a more attractive alternative to your everyday cat tree. On top of looking fancy, the mats are removable for washing and the scratch posts are fully covered for optimal scratching. This tree is also built to last with anti-toppling fittings, thickened boards and reinforced scratching posts.

Helpful review:Nice product. Very sturdy and easy to assemble once you get used to the directions. Would like pillow covers to be sold separately and the donut hole pillows to be easily removable. Other than that it’s a great product!

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This cat tree is made of durable and eco-friendly materials, like the recycled paper rope loungers. Thanks to the contemporary look, this mid-sized cat tree will look great with any décor and is perfect for smaller spaces. Recommended for cats up to 15 pounds.

Helpful review:Love this brand and this particular tree. It is shipped with so little packaging. It’s also made out of mostly recycled materials. It was a treat to put together and my cats took to it instantly. It’s also far better looking than most trees. Love this!

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This company took “cat tree” literally. This 60-inch multi-level option allows your cat to indulge their natural instincts while hiding among the canopy of silk leaves. It’s designed and assembled in the USA and made with pet-safe, non-toxic materials, so you can breathe easy as your cat explores her new home jungle.

Helpful review:My two cats love this! They’re constantly tearing up and down it, crashing through the leaves. It perfectly matches some cat shelves I got on Amazon. I’ve had it for several months now and the leaves stay on really well, and you can bend the branches and stuff back as the cats flatten them jumping in and out. And it looks nice too, a lot of times I have to point it out to people that it’s a ‘cat tree’.”

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Perfect for small apartments, this stout cat tree is basically a plush cat bed with added height for perching and jumping. The rope baskets are made of recycled paper and the pillows are made of fleece. Only 25 inches high, the petite tree won’t take up too much space but will provide a place for your cat to relax.

Helpful review:I can’t explain or describe how much the kitties love this little tree! One loves to lounge and the other loves to scratch. And I love the way it looks! It’s beautiful! So many other cat trees look like terrible school projects made from rejected carpet pieces… YUCK! This is just lovely! Thank you!

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If you often find your cat climbing up curtains or perched on top of kitchen cabinets, this 76-inch activity tree may be the best solution. This sleek cat tower provides plenty of room for perching and scratching without all the extra clutter of traditional cat trees. It’s also built to be extra secure and comes with additional drywall stud anchors.

Helpful review:I LOVE this cat tree. It was easy to set up and was made of high quality wood. I bought this because other cat trees get matted with cat fur and are uncleanable. This one is great. The fur can only stick to the little beds which are removable and washable. I think it’s prettier than most trees.

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This basic mid-sized cat tree is perfect if you’re looking for a simple quality cat tree. It comes with solid pine poles, three different levels and is covered in cozy carpeting. Bonus: It’s shipped to your door completely assembled, so no wrestling with wrenches for you.

Helpful Review: “My cats and I love, love, love this cat tower! Very nice height and size. Perfect for sleeping, cuddling, and playing. Two of my cats are over 12 lbs and they are very comfortable on all the levels.

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