Funny guilty doggos

Funny Videos
Oh doggo, did you just eat the remote control. No, that’s not nice dogger. Ok, you’re still a good boi, but dont do that again šŸ™‚


Wise Woofers:
šŸ† Chase Cutler
šŸ„ˆ Wheel
šŸ’ Tyro Lavine
šŸ’ Generic Scottish Channel
šŸ’ Nick Moran
šŸ’ Matty Harrison
šŸ’ joshua xd
šŸ’ Handly
šŸ’ Luke

šŸ• Yoshi Doshi
šŸ• datruemlgmaster
šŸ• Mr. Megaman
šŸ• LĀ² Studio
šŸ• Vegan Nomad Chick
šŸ• Hanna Liauchonak
šŸ• Nate
šŸ• lolyoshi
šŸ• Freddy
šŸ• Akira
šŸ• david sherman

šŸ¼ MinipongTV
šŸ¼ Josh Genet
šŸ¼ Samuel John Gottschall
šŸ¼ HybridGear
šŸ¼ Yuri Ibraev
šŸ¼ Kay Renee
šŸ¼ Maciej Kowalski
šŸ¼ Julianna Rose Provenzano
šŸ¼ Luca Guarnaschelli
šŸ¼ DoggoIsBorking
šŸ¼ Just Martin
šŸ¼ Ivan Sandoval
šŸ¼ Brooks Gillmore

šŸ†= highest donor
šŸ„ˆ= second highest donor

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