7 Cats Completely Bamboozled by Metronomes [Video]


Cats. We think of them as sleek and elegant hunters with uncanny reaction times and pinpoint accuracy. Yeah, all that goes overboard when your fancy house puma is confronted with (of all things) a metronome.

You have to see these kitties in action to truly grasp the ridiculousness.


Doing some cat science

Flinch, flinch, flinch, WHAP! Run away!

The tails!

Remember the game Perfection? This is the cat version.

How is the second cat immune?

Teamwork makes the dream work

Wilford Brimley is NOT HAVING IT

Not today, tick-tock boy.

This one’s a serious fighter

[Eye of the Tiger intensifies]


Kittens:1 Metronome:0

The bamboozled has become the bamboozler

Slow motion replay

This is where the magic happens.

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