The Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach for 2019

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Do you pay attention to the ingredients in your cat’s food? When is the last time you took a moment to read the label on a bag of cat food before heading to the register?

Many cat owners make the mistake of believing that all cat food is created equal. In reality, many of the most popular cat foods on the market are made with low-quality ingredients that trigger digestive issues like sensitive stomach. If your cat has digestive problems, it could be linked to an underlying health problem or it could be caused by a problem with his diet.


In this article, we’ll explore the subject of sensitive stomach in cats and provide you with our top picks for the best cat food for sensitive stomach. Let’s start by reviewing the signs of sensitive stomach in cats.

Signs of Sensitive Stomach in Cats


It’s normal for a cat to cough up the occasional hairball—it’s simply a consequence of accidentally ingesting hair during the grooming process. If your cat is vomiting, regurgitating undigested food, or experiencing frequent diarrhea, however, it could be something more.

Here are some of the signs of sensitive stomach in cats:

  • Vomiting or regurgitation
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Changes in stool
  • Increased thirst
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Poor coat condition
  • Recurrent skin problems

If your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms, ask yourself whether they’re acute or chronic. Acute digestive issues come on suddenly while chronic issues develop over time. In cases of acute digestive upset, it may be due to a change in diet, infection, intestinal disease, or stress. Chronic digestive problems are more likely due to food allergies or sensitive stomach.

What to Look for in Sensitive Stomach Cat Food

If your cat is suffering from digestive issues, your first step should be to contact your veterinarian. Your vet will be able to rule out any underlying medical problems and can offer advice about treatment options. If it becomes clear that your cat’s issues are food-related, the next step is to transition him onto a cat food that won’t upset his stomach.

Here are some things to look for in a sensitive stomach cat food:

  • Wholesome, natural ingredients
  • High-quality animal protein (ideally a single source)
  • Healthy fats (including omega fatty acids)
  • Digestible carbohydrates
  • Nutritionally complete and balanced
  • Beneficial supplements (like probiotics)
  • No artificial additives, fillers, or by-products

Now that you understand a little more about your cat’s digestive issues and how to choose the right cat food to resolve them, let’s take a look at some of the best sensitive stomach cat foods on the market.

The 11 Best Cat Foods for Sensitive Stomach

Aside from balanced nutrition, digestibility is the most important quality in cat food for sensitive stomach. Look for a recipe made with wholesome, natural ingredients with beneficial supplements like prebiotic fibers and probiotics to ensure healthy and regular digestion.

Here are our top picks for the best cat food for sensitive stomach:


Formulated specifically for cats with sensitive stomachs, this dry food features highly digestible ingredients including fresh chicken, whole-grain carbohydrates, and probiotic supplements.

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If your cat prefers wet food, this protein-rich recipe features New Zealand grass-fed, free-range lamb with plenty of omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat plus essential vitamins and minerals.

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This formula is made with a limited number of ingredients to further reduce the risk for upset stomach and features real chicken and grain-free carbohydrates for balanced nutrition.

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Made with a single source of novel animal protein and a limited number of ingredients, this recipe is highly digestible and loaded with healthy nutrients for your cat.

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This holistic, natural recipe features whole meat ingredients, non-GMO vegetables, and a variety of other wholesome ingredients to provide complete and balanced, highly digestible nutrition.

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Featuring 95% protein from Pacific Ocean fish meal as well as antioxidant-rich blueberries, this high-protein, limited-ingredient diet is a great option for cats with sensitive stomachs.

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With a whopping 36% protein, this nutrient-rich limited-ingredient diet is free from common ingredients that might upset your cat’s stomach like poultry, potatoes, and grains.

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This grain-free recipe features seven main ingredients including fresh salmon as a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids to support your cat’s healthy skin and coat.

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If your cat suffers from severe food allergies and requires a prescription diet, this recipe is made with a novel source of protein (alligator) and is uniquely formulated to minimize negative reactions.

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Another holistic recipe from Halo, this seafood medley cat food is specifically designed for cats with sensitive stomachs, so you can bet that it’s rich in high-quality protein and easy to digest.

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Made without grains and artificial fillers, this salmon-based formula is both limited in ingredients and high in protein – plus, it’s supplemented with plenty of fiber for healthy digestion.

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The quality of your cat’s diet is the key to maintaining his long-term health and wellness. To learn more about choosing healthy cat food and to see more of our top picks, check out our guide to the healthiest cat food on a budget HERE.

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