The 6 Best Harnesses for Bulldogs

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Because of their unique body shapes with oversized heads, barrel-shaped chests, and short legs, shopping for a great-fitting harness for a Bulldog is no easy task. Fortunately, we’ve found six harnesses with adjustable chest straps and rave reviews from Bulldog owners. Whether your pet is a French, American, or British Bulldog, there’s certain to be an option on this list that will work well for you and your dog.

Please note: It’s a good idea to have your dog’s neck and chest measurements handy when shopping for a harness, since size depends on these measurements, not weight. Also, if your dog pulls a lot, you may want to consider a harness with a leash attachment on the front, as opposed to the back, as this is considered a “no-pull” style.


With that said, take a look at the best harnesses for bulldogs below.

As the name implies, this Bulldog Grade harness is made specifically with Bulldogs in mind. It comes in three different color options, including the pictured blue camo, and boasts four quick-release buckles and a leash clip on the back. Although it doesn’t have a lot of padding, the thin nylon straps are strong enough to withstand pulling and they allow the dog to have a full range of unrestricted mobility.

Available sizes: Medium to Extra-Large

Helpful Review: “I went through I don’t know how many harnesses purchased at major pet stores and couldn’t get one to fit my Bulldog. This one is easily adjustable and fits him great. I have a Jeep Wrangler and as you can imagine he can’t jump or do the Bully climb to get in. Now he just walks up to the door and looks up at me to pick him up. The harness supports his bodyweight, and you can tell he feels safe.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $34 – $36

With metal D-rings in both the front and back of the harness, this over-the-head Rabitgoo harness is extremely versatile. You can use the front leash ring to cut down on pulling, while the back leash ring is better-suited for jogging with your dog. This harness also features fully adjustable straps that have soft mesh padding for maximum comfort and reflective piping for added visibility in low-light conditions.

Available sizes: Small to Extra-Large

Helpful Review: “I have a healthy and strong-willed 90-pound American Bulldog. I’d heard that a harness with a chest ring for connecting the leash was a better choice for handling a strong dog. They were right. As you can imagine, the quality of the harness is more than sufficient to have controlled a large American Bulldog on daily walks for the past month. It has plenty of adjustments to get a good tight fit and the snaps are large, heavy duty and easy to handle. All in all, a great value that definitely made my life easier.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $19.98 – $21.99

This Babyltrl harness is thickly padded and has two D-ring leash attachments, including one on the chest, making it a comfortable no-pull harness option for Bulldogs who tug hard on leashes. It also offers two quick-release buckles, easy-to-adjust straps, reflective piping, and a handle on the back.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large

Helpful Review: “This is such a perfect harness for our Bulldog/Pit mix. It is easy to adjust the straps to fit our dog snugly but not too tight. The quality of the material is great and the stitching is strong. The straps are designed to have padding where they go up under the dogs front legs, which is nice because they protect the dog from having the straps dig into him if he pulls. The best thing about this harness is the fact that it has a place to connect the leash both on top of the harness and in front on the dog’s chest. This is a great feature, as it is sometimes easier to walk him with the leash attached to the top (at the back of his head). But if more control is needed like when we are in a crowd or around other dogs, the leash can be attached to the front, which makes it so easy to control him.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $16.99 – $18.99

This Kurgo dog harness pulls double-duty as both a durable everyday harness and a car harness. It comes with a dog seat belt tether and is sold with the option of either crash test-certified or easy-on-and-off buckles. Plus, it has leash rings in both the front and back, giving pet owners a no-pull walking option. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, so it’s certain to last you for years to come.

Available sizes: Extra-Small to Extra-Large

Helpful Review: “I’ve had this harness for two and a half years and there are no signs of wear and tear. It has been very easy to keep clean. I have a 60-pound American Bulldog mix who used to have a really bad pulling problem. Even though he used to break leashes pretty frequently, this harness always met the challenge. He’s not as bad of a puller anymore, thankfully, but I still like having this harness, just in case.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $23.95 – $41.99
Buy Now on Chewy for $37.79

Designed for medium to extra-large dogs, this HDP harness is easy to put on and has a large adjustable chest strap that sits high on a Bulldog’s chest and makes it harder for him to chew through. As a bonus, this harness, which clips to the leash in the back, also has extra-padding on the chest and back areas, plus a handle on the top to make it easier to pick up your dog or load him into a car.

Available sizes: Medium to 2XL

Helpful Review: “This harness is perfect for our English Bulldog. It’s easy to put on and it doesn’t put stress on his throat. I don’t think he can get out of it. The handle is also handy to help lift him. We love it and are ordering another as a spare.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $17.99 – $22.98
Buy Now on Chewy for $17.99 – $22.98

Made with denim and nylon material, this Urpower harness and leash set offers a lot of value for an affordable price. It has heavy-duty stainless steel rings with two adjustable straps that ensure a perfect fit for your dog. The leash, which clips to the back of the harness, is also easy and comfortable to grip.

Available sizes: Small to Large

Helpful Review: “This is a very nice and comfortable leash. It’s very spacious for my American Bulldog. The color is also pretty, the leash is long enough to let your dog have his space. It’s a very good quality.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $10.99

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