Kids Losing Their Minds Over Puppies is Gonna Make Your Day


Nothing is cuter than a basket of puppies. You know that. I know that. These kids prove scientifically that we are programmed from birth to adore puppies on sight basically from day one. And if you’re a dog person like us, you might feel just a leeetle called out by how eerily accurate the children’s reaction to puppies is to your own.

Kids Losing Their Minds Over Puppies

For many of us, Harlo, the most excited child in the world, represents how we feel deep inside whenever we see a dog or puppy.

‘Even Harlo’s softer side is intense. He is giving a loving message but my goodness is the way he is saying it pretty aggressive.’

You’re gonna need sound on to truly appreciate his highly aggressive form of cuteness appreciation. Check out the longer video below to see Harlo’s parents describe his reaction to the puppies.

The longer version because we know you need more

The clips are from a new documentary style TV show called The Secret Life of Kids on the USA Network.

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