The 9 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds for 2019 with Reviews

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Whether your dog is getting older, recovering from an injury, or simply would benefit from a comfy, supportive place to fall asleep, an orthopedic dog bed is a great choice for dogs, both big and small. Unlike other types of pet beds that are made from less expensive fillings, the best orthopedic dog beds are typically made with thick foam that aids in helping to relieve pain and pressure from a dog’s body. This benefit becomes especially important if your dog has arthritis or hip dysplasia, but active dogs of all ages can benefit from the extra support.

When shopping for a new dog bed, be sure to pay attention to a product’s dimensions, as generic sizes like “small” and “large” can vary significantly by manufacturer. And, take into consideration that orthopedic beds are typically soft and not suitable for puppies or heavy chewers.


With that in mind, have a look below at our nine recommendations for the best orthopedic dog beds.

You don’t have to spend a lot to snag a great orthopedic bed for your dog. This FurHaven dog bed has four different sizes, from 20 inches up to 44 inches, to accommodate small to large dogs. It also comes with a soft, machine-washable cover in your choice of colors and prints.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Jumbo

Helpful Review: “This is an incredibly comfortable mattress! I needed to find a bed for my dog that is large enough for him to really stretch out, and that was thick and supportive but soft and comfy too, all while fitting in my tiny budget…The Furhaven Deluxe scored super high in all of these areas.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $19.99 – $56.75
Buy Now on Chewy for $19.99 – $43.99

Made especially with large dogs in mind, this Big Barker dog bed promises that even Great Danes will have enough room to fully stretch out on the largest of the sizing options. The mattress is comprised of three layers of therapeutic foam to ensure that the bed won’t flatten out over time, even with up to 300 pounds of weight on top of it. And it comes with a machine-washable cover that’s durable enough to withstand light digging and scratching.

Available sizes: Large, Extra-Large, and Giant

Helpful Review: “I have had this dog bed for a year now, and it is still wonderful. It is my 12-year-old Lab’s favorite place to spend her time…The bed is still in good shape and just as perky as the first night she slept on it. I really think it helps her to get a good night sleep and get up in the morning with fewer aches and pain than she would have otherwise.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $239.95 – $399.95
Buy Now on Chewy for $239.95 – $399.95

Some dogs find heated beds, like this K&H Pet Products one, very soothing, especially for achy muscles or stiff joints. Designed to be left plugged in all the time, the heating pad underneath the removable and machine-washable cushion gives off a low level of warmth, keeping the bed about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the air around it. The 2-inch thick foam bumper walls on the sides of the bed provide extra coziness, as well.

Available sizes: Medium and Large

Helpful Review: “My two Dachshunds love it. They usually get cold but this bed gets just warm enough to keep the shivers at bay! They are 15 and 18 and well into their senior years. They both have arthritis and the bed seems to be comfy for both of them. Great price point, too!”

Buy Now on Amazon for $63.03 – $73.53
Buy Now on Chewy for $63.03 – $73.53

This K&H Pet Products orthopedic lounger isn’t just elegant-looking, it also provides dogs with major support and cushioning. It boasts an orthopedic foam base, topped with over-stuffed bolster cushions and a soft pillow top. Both the mattress and the bolsters have zippers to allow the bed to be fully washed.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Helpful Review: “This bed is phenomenal for the price. It has plenty of cushioning and it very soft. It has memory foam on bottom, filling in between, a sherpa cover on top, and a bolster pillow around the side. We had trouble with our Dixie not sleeping in her bed, but when she got this bed, she slept in it from night one on.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $41.53 – $68.25
Buy Now on Chewy for $41.53 – $68.25

With its thick, 100-percent memory foam mattress, waterproof liner, anti-slip bottom, and soft microsuede cover, this Kopeks orthopedic dog bed is well worth the investment. And its lounger-style design also allows for dogs to fully stretch out while they sleep or rest. 

Available sizes: Small, Large, and 2X-Large

Helpful Review: “We have always had dogs, and they have always had beds. We began using orthopedic beds years ago, and this one, while the most expensive, is also the best. We have a white, long-haired German Shepherd who is growing older, and he loved it immediately. We will buy another when we need one.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $59.99 – $149.95
Buy Now on Chewy for $48.99 – $119.95

Need the perfect orthopedic mattress for a crate? After sleeping on the four inches of memory and support foam in this Brindle bed, your dog may never want to leave his crate again! This orthopedic bed also boasts a waterproof encasement as well as a cozy velour cover.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Helpful Review: “One of my dogs has always had a bit of a bum hip that has kept her from being able to sleep for an extended time without getting up and moving around, but since we got these beds, she hardly moves around when she sleeps anymore; I can tell she is much more comfortable.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $34.99 – $69.99
Buy Now on Chewy for $34.99 – $69.99

For dogs who love to burrow, this cave-like bed gives them the secure feeling of being tucked in, while still providing an orthopedic foam base to support their bodies with. It also is available in eight different color options and has a fully-removable cover that can be laundered.

Available sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Helpful Review: “I ordered this bed for my 12-year-old Dachshund. She has back and leg problems so she could no longer get in her old bed and has trouble burrowing in her blankets. We have tried different beds but this one she loves!”

Buy Now on Amazon for $21.99 – $66.99
Buy Now on Chewy for $24.99 – $40.99

Have a dog that’s prone to accidents? Then you might want to consider this memory foam orthopedic dog bed. It comes with a waterproof liner, as well as two external covers — one made of machine-washable denim and the other a brown-colored microsuede. (So, you can cover the bed with one while washing the other.) Because the memory foam is infused with gel, it also has the benefit of being temperature-regulating, keeping your pet cooler in the summertime and warmer during winter.

Available sizes: Small to XX-Large

Helpful Review: “This dog bed is very well made and provides excellent support for older bones.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $59.95 – $109.95

Spoil your dog with this modern, design-forward orthopedic bed from Frisco. The two-piece bed has a 1-inch orthopedic foam core and a removable cushion on top with fluffy polyester fiber filling. Soft bolsters on the sides of the bed also add to this bed’s charm and comfortability.

Available sizes: Small to X-Large

Helpful Review: “This bed is perfect for my 10-year-old American Bulldog. Its bottom layer is thick and the pillow layer adds cushy comfort for her to fluff up and cozy in. I don’t worry about her joints against the hard floor like I have with other beds. Also, I love how the sides are sturdy enough to support her body.”

Buy Now on Chewy for $18.99 – $45.99

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