11 Dogs Winning the #CheeseChallenge Like They Were Born for It


Okay, the Cheese Challenge. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s simple—if kinda weird. Toss sliced cheese at your family members, capture the moment, and post it with the hashtag #cheesechallenge. We’re not quite sure where this bizarre trend started, but dogs are willing and eager to get on board with it. We found some great videos of dogs having a blast with the #cheesedchallenge on Twitter and we’re pretty sure they’ll give you a smile.

Lightning-fast reflex

Synchronized cheesing

Too fast, mama

Teamwork makes the dream work

Perfect execution

Gone in a single bite

Impressive face-to-cheese ratio makes it hard to miss


With a little practice, Dudley will have the hole-in-one conquered

Willing victims

Wait for it

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