Dog Showers in Your House: You Just Might Need One


There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and taking a nice, hot shower. That’s true for humans—and it’s also true for dogs.

Pets can get just as dirty—if not dirtier—than humans. And while most owners bathe their dogs in the bathtub (or take them to the groomer), there’s a new interior design trend that’s giving pets a bathing space of their own—dog showers.


A New York Times report on recent design trends highlighted that there’s been a serious increase in demand for standalone dog showers. But what, exactly, are dog showers? What are their benefits? And should you think about getting your pet a shower of their own?

What is a dog shower?

A dog shower is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a separate, built-in shower that’s exclusively for bathing or showering your dog. They’re also known as home dog wash stations. They differ from freestanding pet washing tubs in that they’re built into the design of the home.

Most dog showers resemble typical showers, just dog-sized. Key features include a raised platform (so you can bathe your dog at a comfortable height), a detachable shower head (so you can clean your dog from head to paws), and easy-to-clean building materials (so post-shower clean up is a breeze).

Some dog showers are installed into bathrooms, but many pet owners choose to install their showers in a mudroom, laundry room, or even outside; that way, it’s easy to keep your dog clean—and keep them from tracking dirt into the rest of the house.

What are the benefits of dog showers?

Mudroom remodel with dog wash station & benches

You want your dog’s bath time to be as comfortable, convenient, and safe as possible—and dog showers deliver on all counts.

Some of the major benefits of dog showers include:

  • They’re easy on your back. Bending down to bathe your dog in a bathtub can be hard on your back. Dog showers are often built with a raised platform that allows you to bathe your dog at a comfortable height. This also prevents you from having to bend down and strain your back.
  • They’re safe for your dog. Your dog can easily get hurt trying to jump out of a bathtub. Because dog showers eliminate the need to maneuver around and over the edge of the bathtub, they make the process of getting in and out much safer for your pet.
  • They keep your dog’s mess contained. There’s no way around it—dogs get messy. They track in mud, dirt, and dust on their coat and paws. Having a standalone dog shower allows you to keep that mess contained and prevent your dog from tracking all that mud, dirt, and dust into your home.

Should you get a dog shower for your home?

Clearly, dog showers are having a moment. But should you get one for your pet?


The answer is—it depends! If you have a large dog—or a dog that likes to get extra dirty—dog showers are a great way to make the bathing process safer, easier, and more convenient. If you think adding a dog shower will be a good fit for your dog, hop on board this interior design trend and get your dog that shower!

Dog shower tips

If you can’t splurge for a remodel involving a full-on dog shower or in-home dog washing station, never fear. These handy tools can help make your dog’s bathtime easier and less messy all around.

    1. Invest in a freestanding tub you can elevate—great for backyard washes and for your back.
    2. Try a “water comb” or dog shower wand like this one—detachable, flexible, and easy to maneuver. Still can be messy. Great for rinsing out thick coats.
    3. Apartment-dwellers, in particular, are loving the Bissell BarkBath, which is splash-free and portable. Check out our video review for more.

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