World’s Friendliest Dog Rescued from Arizona Rooftop [Video]


When a call came into the Arizona Humane Society for a stray dog stuck on the roof of a house in suburban Phoenix, AZ, no one was prepared for just how ecstatic the dog was to meet his rescuers.

The rescue of Rufio


The joyful 9 month old Pit bull immediately and punnily dubbed ‘Rufio’ is so thrilled when he sees rescuers Jenna Moffitt and Andy Gallo he practically falls over wagging his tail so hard. And when Andy gets up on the roof, a ginormous hug and face licks is on the menu!

Once Andy gets ahold of the very good boy, he carefully lowers him down for Jenna to catch. And when Andy hops off the roof, Rufio is ready to shower him with even more kisses.

The jolly pupper was immediately transported to an emergency vet hospital, where he was checked out and found to be in good health. Why and how he got on the roof remains a mystery.

All that and a happy ending

When no one came forward to claim the happy boy, Arizona Humane Society found him a forever family in just a week. Who could resist that face?

Hat Tip: The Dodo

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