14 Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

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Dogs will do anything for a treat and, in most cases, you’re happy to give them!

Unfortunately, many dog treats are made with low-quality ingredients that can upset your dog’s stomach. If your dog has digestive issues, your first step is to identify the underlying cause. From there, you can choose the best dog treats to avoid upsetting his stomach.


Before we get into the details about the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs, let’s talk a little more about digestive issues in dogs and explore some good and bad ingredients to look for.

What Causes Digestive Issues in Dogs?


Your dog’s stomach has the amazing ability to process things you would never dream of eating yourself. If you’ve ever seen your dog chew a tennis ball to shreds, consuming half of it in the process, you know what we mean. But some dogs have trouble digesting ingredients we consider healthy.

Here are some of the symptoms of digestive problems in dogs:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Soft stools or diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Salivating more than usual
  • Excessive gas
  • Low energy or lethargy

Stomach sensitivity is often a reaction to a particular ingredient. For example, dogs can develop food allergies or sensitivities to ingredients like corn, wheat, beef, and chicken. Occasional stomach sensitivity can also be triggered by a change in your dog’s dietary routine.

Recurrent digestive issues are often the result of an underlying condition such as inflammatory bowel disease. In cases like this, choosing dog food and treats made with easily digestible, whole-food ingredients is the best way to go.

If you are concerned about your dog’s digestive health, talk to your veterinarian. Even if your dog’s symptoms are minor, untreated digestive issues can lead to bigger problems later.

Ingredients to Look For

Most of your dog’s nutrition comes from his daily diet, so dog treats are just that – treats.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just grab the first bag of treats you see. It is important to give your dog high-quality treats that support healthy nutrition without upsetting his stomach.

Here are some things you should be looking for in dog treats for sensitive stomachs:

  • Single source of high-quality animal protein (like turkey, lamb, or salmon)
  • Easily digestible carbohydrates (avoid fillers like corn and wheat)
  • Healthy animal-based fats (like chicken fat and salmon oil)
  • Sources of dietary fiber to support healthy digestion
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources of key nutrients
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Probiotics and prebiotics to encourage healthy and regular digestion

Read on to learn about the best dog treats on the market for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

Below you’ll find our top 14 picks for the best dog treats for sensitive stomachs. These treats are made with healthy, high-quality ingredients without artificial additives or low-quality fillers that might upset your dog’s stomach.

Freeze-dried to protect the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients, these dog treats feature protein-rich duck as the primary ingredient with no grains or artificial additives.

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Available in several single-protein recipes, these biscuits have a crunchy texture to keep your dog’s teeth clean without upsetting his stomach.

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These all-natural, oven-baked biscuits are made with carefully selected wholesome ingredients and are free from any grains, gluten, or artificial additives.

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Made with five simple, human-grade ingredients these jerky treats feature fresh chicken with no grains or glycerin that might upset your dog’s stomach.

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These soft and chewy treats feature real salmon as the main ingredient with fresh fruits and vegetables for a boost of quality nutrition and natural flavor.

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Made with a limited number of main ingredients and designed for digestibility, these oven-baked biscuits will also help keep your dog’s teeth clean as he snacks.

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Made entirely from natural, non-GMO ingredients, these long-lasting dental treats gently clean your dog’s teeth and satisfy his urge to chew.

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These crunchy dog treats are made with wholesome natural ingredients including a superfood foundation and a 3-protein blend for optimal nutrition and natural flavor.

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Made with a powerful blend of probiotics and prebiotics, these tasty dog treats support healthy and regular digestion in a chewy bacon-flavored formula.

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At less than three calories per treat, these all-natural morsels are perfect for training and they come in a variety of protein options with no added grains or fillers.

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All-natural and grain-free, these jerky treats are made with real lamb and venison for rich, meaty flavor your dog won’t be able to resist.

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Featuring a limited number of ingredients to reduce the risk for digestive upset, these all-natural dog treats are full of flavor and satisfying crunch.

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These freeze-dried treats combine the convenience of dry food with the nutritional benefits of raw food all in one tasty morsel.

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Made with a single source of premium animal protein and gently air-dried, these treats are packed with protein and quality nutrition.

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Treats are a great way to show your dog some love, but you need to make sure they won’t upset his stomach. In addition to trying some of the brands we’ve recommended above, you might consider making your own DIY dog treats at home.

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