Runner Finds Stray Puppy During Marathon and Carries Him 20 Miles to Finish Line


Dog lover and marathon runner Khemjira Klongsanun was 7 miles into a 26-mile marathon in Ratchaburi, Thailand, when she noticed the runners ahead of her sidestepping something on the road ahead. As she got closer, she was surprised to see the obstruction in the path was a small puppy.

Finish line!


Far from any home or business, Khemjira feared for the life of the little dog and decided to pick him up and carry him with her to the finish line. “It was two times tiring than a normal marathon but I did it anyway just because he is adorable,” Khemjira told the press.

Winner winner chicken dinner

When Khemjira was unable to find the dog’s family, she named him Chom Bueng, after the race, and brought him home. Chom Bueng has two big brothers to show him the ropes of family life.

Home sweet home

Chom Bueng is one lucky puppy and Khemjira is one amazing dog person!

Hat Tip: Runners World

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