New Startup Aims to Fight Dog Cancer with Cutting-Edge Technology


A San Francisco startup called OneHealth has a dream close to all dog lovers’ hearts—fighting canine cancer. According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, 1 in 3 dogs are diagnosed with cancer, and that percentage rises to 50% in dogs over 10 years of age.

Fidocure – Lulu’s Fight to End Canine Cancer from Sara Nesson on Vimeo.


Thanks to OneHealth, a new treatment plan called FidoCure is available to help veterinarians diagnose and treat cancers in dogs with better accuracy thanks to leading-edge DNA sequencing technology.

FidoCure is a three-part system. First, a sample of the dog’s tumor is taken. Next, DNA sequencing identifies which genetic mutations are causing the tumor. Then a treatment plan is created, using specialized drugs targeted to attack the cancer cells with minimal side effects to healthy tissue and organs— which means a faster, easier recovery for dogs as compared to traditional chemotherapy.

“When we looked at the prevalence of dogs with cancer across the country and compared it to how limited diagnostics and treatment options are, we realized there was a lot we could do to spur innovation and collaboration,” OneHealth CEO Christina Lopes told the Wall Street Journal.

FidoCure brings human-grade technology to cancer care for dogs, which should improve not only the quality of care but also the life expectancy of dogs fighting cancer. And as more dogs are treated with FidoCure, OneHealth’s growing database of sequenced tumors will help refine and perfect the targeted drugs used in the treatment.

Find a vet partnered with FidoCure in your area.


Hat Tip: Wall Street Journal

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