11 Best Affordable Dog Treats with High-Quality Ingredients

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Choosing treats for your dog should be easy, but with so many choices, it can be surprisingly tough to find the right match. And when you’re on a budget, finding affordable dog treats that are still high-quality and delicious can seem even tougher.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve scoured online reviews and rounded up some of the best affordable dog treats available.


Choosing the Best Affordable Dog Treats

When choosing dog treats that won’t break the bank, we considered:

  • Quality of ingredients. That means single-source proteins, healthful fruits and veggies, limited fillers, and transparent sourcing when possible.
  • Dog appeal. After all, your dog has to like the taste!
  • Value. Every recommendation on this list is available for $10 or less.

Read on for our picks for the best affordable dog treats available.

Made from human-grade chicken breast, rosemary, and a touch of molasses, these chicken strips from Full Moon will make your dog howl with delight. And at less than ten bucks for a 12oz. bag, they’ll keep your wallet happy, too.

Helpful review: “I have tried numerous treats to see how my dog would react but these chicken strips are his favorite treat in the whole world. I think he would literally do anything for this treat…They seem to be made with great care. I highly recommend!”

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These cute little biscuits are made from whole food ingredients and contain no wheat, corn, or soy. Instead, they’re packed with antioxidant-rich organic blueberries, sweet potato, and healthful oats.

Helpful review: “Our 4 German Shepherds love them!! I can’t tell if they actually help them in the specific ways labeled in the names of each treat but they are a cost-effective and affordable treat.”

Buy Now on Chewy for $4.99

These big, crunchy, peanut buttery biscuits are made from all-natural ingredients in the USA. A three-pound bag of large treats is just $7.49, making them a sweet treat for big dogs.

Helpful review: “I have purchased these treats for over a year for my Siberian Husky and he loves them. All of the ingredients are natural and I can pronounce them which is necessary in food/treats I purchase for him.”

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These chicken apple sausages look good enough to eat! But trust us, they’re for dogs only. And with a significant discount online, they’re a super-affordable treat for picky dogs.

Helpful review: “I have been buying these Spot Farms treats for my dog for several years – they are a quality product with a simple list of honest ingredients. My dog knows specifically what these are, and will turn down other treats for these every single time.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $8.99

Talk about a healthy, affordable dog treat! Newman’s Own Snack Sticks are made with organic chicken, grains, and veggies. Best of all, 100% of proceeds go to charity.

Helpful review: “Our dogs just loved these snacks. They are super convenient too as they are easily broken into whatever size you want. Large for everyday snack or small for training rewards.”

Buy Now on Chewy for $4.53

Does your dog like cheese? Then they’ll love these cheesy cookies from Organix, made with organic ingredients and no corn, soy, or wheat. And at around five bucks per bag, they’re an affordable way to indulge your dog.

Helpful review: “I’m a huge fan of these treats and my small zoo is too…The ingredient list is pretty top notch for a dog biscuit. Chicken, peas, rice being the main ingredients with a min of 14.5% protein? At this price? Awesome.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $5.78

Alternative protein diets can be expensive, making these rabbit-based treats an extra good deal. They’re great training treats because they’re small, chewy, and very flavorful, so a little bit goes a long way.

Helpful review: “These are the bomb for my no grain guy. He adores them. They don’t fall apart on their own, but are easy to divide in half for a tiny training treat.”

Buy Now on Chewy for $5.94

Gobble gobble gobble! These turkey jerky treats are grain free and made in the USA. They can be broken into tiny pieces for training, or fed whole as a special treat.

Helpful review: “Great value, good quality ingredients, my dogs love it. I have two small dogs, and…I usually break one treat in half, and they each eat half. They love these chewy treats.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $4.81

It’s a dental chew. It supports good joint health. It’s a tasty chicken treat. These sticks do it all! And at less than five bucks, they’re a great value to treat your dog.

Helpful review: “I buy these for the bigger dogs at the shelter I work at. As you can imagine I don’t make big money working for a non-profit so the price point on these are awesome. The dogs love them and they last a decent amount of time for some enrichment in their kennels”

Buy Now on Chewy for $4.99

Here’s an affordable dog treat for big dogs. Mild lamb and fiber-filled apples are combined in one crunchy, grain-free treat. The big bag is available for under seven dollars, making this a true value.

Helpful review: Both of my dogs have sensitive stomachs and allergies to food. This treat works well for them.”

Buy Now on Amazon for $6.49

Freeze dried liver treats are ideal for training, but they can be expensive. This five-ounce bag is available at a bargain price, making them a high-value treat at an affordable price. Even better, they’re made in the USA and are free of corn, grains, wheat, and soy.

Helpful review:Simply said, my dog loves these treats over ALL of her other treats. She gets one a day at night. If she could, she’d eat them all day they are that good, so she says!”

Buy Now on Amazon for $4.65

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